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Preview Date: June 12, 2015
Sale Date: June 13, 2015
Location: Calgary, AB
Address: Grey Eagle Casino
Lot No: 82.0

Year: 1956
VIN: 26580357
Mileage: 83425
Car Style: WAGON
Ext Color: BROWN - WHITE
Int Color: WHITE
Cylinders: 8
Engine: 277
Transmission: Manual


Don't let GM fool you - the best Suburbans were made by Chrysler!  This 56 is a rare and special example of that fact, a car that set the standard for those that followed in its' wake.

Plymouth had several trim packages in the 1956 station wagon class; this one is a well appointed Belvedere.  

Outfitted with a manual three-speed transmission and mechanical overdrive module, this car is both sporty to drive and a fully functional grocery getter.  The big V8 has no problem hauling it's mid-sized frame around, and has lots of power at highway speeds for keeping up on Alberta roads.  

1956 was an iconic year for Suburban station wagons.  The two-tone paint is truly unsurpassed, and the freshened up brown on this one makes it better than new to the eye.  This was the last year of the single headlamp at Plymouth, and the first for 12V power.

For modern features, this car boasts huge Forward Look fins with the same inserts as the famous Chrysler 300 racing series cars, a wraparound windscreen, eyebrows on the front quarter panels, aviator hood ornament and other Virgil Exner design features that set the industry standard.  

Retro features also make this an important 'transition' car, in particular the massive, complex and gorgeous chrome grille that was soon replaced by tin on most cars.  

I grew up ion the back seat of a 56 like this, running to the lake and back on many a memorable outing with family.  Dad was president of the Renfrew Motors auto company at the time, and this was the car he chose to bring home to family.  We drove one until it completely wore out.  

But this particular vehicle survived and was freshened with a new coat of paint by the previous owner, who displayed it for years at the Auto Gallery Museum in Chicago.  It is also featured in the Hooniverse online station wagon magazine as a superior and important vehicle, and is sure to garner praise for any collection it's part of in the future.

But this is not just a collection car (nolt like the one at the Auto museum at Heritage Park in Calgary).  This vehicle is a lot of fun to drive - the back seats fold flat and the tailgate lays down,creating a massive deck for camping or transporting supplies.  She sits on new Coker whitewall tires, comes with a current inspection showing no mechanical deficiencies, and is ready for summer trips and parades!

It is rare that any car combines old and new, sport, cargo and curb appeal as well as this - truly a unique and special car for an investor with Chrysler in mind to take home and enjoy.


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